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Grant Recipients for 2005

Sergeant Ronald Phillips

Ronald served in law enforcement for 20 years, including service at the Minden, Ainsworth, and Syracuse Police Departments. For the past five years, he served with the Polk County Sheriff‘s Department. Sergeant Phillips suffered a fatal heart attack while attempting to free his patrol car from a snow bank in which it was stuck. The driver of a tow truck called by Sergeant Phillips found him in cardiac arrest when he arrived. Sergeant Phillips is survived by his wife Jennifer and children Shannon and Matthew.
E.O.W. 2004
Dear Barwick/Newton National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund:

I waited a while to write this letter because the time in Washington brought so many emotions. I hardly know where to start sorting them out.
It’s an odd feeling to know that people all over the country are honoring your loved one. That your family’s grief is not the lonely thing you thought it was. Just to think that complete strangers would reach out with hugs and kind words is wonderful of course; but, lets face it – our family could never have gone to Washington without the money from this wonderful fund.
The President has passed a law including men like Ron who die of a heart attack on duty to receive benefits but we haven’t received any money at all so we had given up on the idea of seeing his name on the wall or hearing the roll call of last heroes.
Ron’s two sons and I will never forget the kindness and generosity of strangers who made this once in a lifetime trip possible. Thank you so much for everything and please encourage anyone who might wonder if this is a good idea to know that it certainly filled a needed spot for us.

Mrs. Ron Phillips
Officer William J. Mann

William spent 15 of his 26 years in law enforcement as a street cop and detective with the Los Angles Police Department. In 1995, he began working for the Idaho Department of Corrections. Officer Mann was killed in a plane crash while transporting a juvenile inmate by plane. The plane fell from radar one hour into the flight and wreckage was located three days later buried in snow on a ridge at 9,500 feet elevation. The cause of the crash has never been determined. Officer Mann is survived by his wife Susan, sons William and Michael, and daughter Amy Rappely.
E.O.W. 2004
To The Dear People at the Barwick Newton National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund:

I want to thank you so much for making it possible for my Son and I to come to Washington, DC and honor my late husband and my son‘s father. We could not have come if you had not provided the way. It was a wonderful Blessing to the both of us.
I did not think I could attend the reception and that someone would have to stand in my place, this made me very sad. I could have taken a loan out on my home but that would have put me in more debt. When I came across the Barwick Newton Fund, I was so excited that maybe I could attend the memorial.
The experience in DC was one that I will forever have in my heart. It was the final piece I needed to be at Peace. I was married to my husband for 35 years and he was the Love of my life since I was very young. He was always involved in Law Enforcement. Coming and seeing his name on the Memorial Wall and being honored by so many and meeting the President of the United States was something I will never forget.
I am so grateful that your foundation brought me there and the reception that you gave us and the tour of the City and the dinner was wonderful. The Honor that your foundation gave my Husband was wonderful and meeting the Senators and Representatives of my State was wonderful. May God Bless you with this mighty work that he has brought to each of you. I know that God will Bless each one of you for the kindness that you give families that would not be able to go & Honor their Loved Ones.
I came home with a Peace and it will remain in my heart. I can‘t thank the foundation enough. I consider it an Honor to have been a part of this wonderful Memorial Week. It was so wonderful words cannot express how I feel.
I have healing in my soul because of this experience, and a peace that only can come from God. God used you and he will Bless all your work and the funding for it.


Susan Mann
Peace Be With You and God
Bless each one of you always!
Officer James Goodman

James was a 20-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. In 1991, Officer Goodman received the Governor’s Medal of Valor for his heroic efforts during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, during which Officer Goodman disregarded his personal safety to crawl into a two-foot opening between collapsed freeway decks to rescue victims. Officer Goodman was killed when his motorcycle collided with a minivan while he was in high- speed pursuit of a hit-and-run suspect. Officer Goodman is survived by his wife Patti and two sons, Joshua and Jacob.
E.O.W. June 3, 2004
Dear Mitch and Janice, &
The Barwick Newton National Law Enforcement Fund

You are such wonderful people, and are doing so much to help others to get through an unbelievable nightmare. It is a very surreal and unwanted chapter in our books of life. Who would have believed that this could happen to our beloved and very special men, who were in fact, the caretakers and peacekeepers of strangers? They were so selfless and giving themselves. Now you fill those shoes for me! Your financial help was a godsend for my sons and me, plus a very great honor. Attending the memorial week in Washington D.C. was more important to our healing process than I had imagined. Your financial help will forever be remembered. So will your kind words of support. Only the eyes of those who have lived this pain can truly see and understand the pain of others walking the same path. Attending the memorial in Washington gave me so much support.
Soon it will be a year that my Jim was killed while in pursuit of a hit-and-run driver. He was an honored and highly decorated California Highway Patrolman. We had twenty glorious years together and a storybook marriage. I am just now coming out of the fog, which in some ways makes my life more difficult. I believe I would like to give my time to help others in our situation, just as you are doing. Possibly like you, it can help heal this horrible pain I live with every minute of every day. Because of people like you I find comfort that life does go on....even though it seems unbearable at times.
I would be happy to help the Barwick Newton Fund in any way, and will be forever grateful for your emotional and financial support.

With sincere appreciation,

Patti Goodman
Widow of the greatest & most loving husband, California Highway Patrolman Officer James Goodman. EOW June 3, 2004