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Grant Recipients for 2006

Corporal James (Jamie) Walker

of the Waynesboro Police Department, Mississippi, was shot and killed while making a traffic stop on a suspected stolen vehicle. After stopping the vehicle, Corporal Walker approached the driver‘s side when the driver opened fire with a shotgun, fatally wounding him. E.O.W. September 28, 2005
Sergeant Gerald Vick

of the St. Paul Police Department, Minnesota, was shot and killed by two suspects while he was conducting an undercover vice investigation. Sergeant Vick and his partner were working on a case when they encountered two men near a bar. The two men apparently were talking with bar patrons, possibly in an attempt to set up a robbery. Sergeant Vick and his partner spoke with the men and told them to move along. The officers then separated and went to their respective cars. When Sergeant Vick encountered the men near his car, they exchanged a few words before one of the men reportedly pulled out guns and fired several shots at Sergeant Vick. E.O.W. May 6, 2005
Trooper Ralph Tatoian

of the Missouri State Highway Patrol was killed when his patrol car struck the back of a truck on I-44, west of St. Louis, Missouri. Trooper Tatoian was responding to a search for a person suspected of shooting a sheriff‘s deputy in Gasconade County. Trooper Tatoian‘s patrol car slammed into the back of the tractor trailer, which was pulled partially off of the highway to assist with a previous accident.
E.O.W. April 20, 2005
Dear Mitch and Janice,

I am looking for the right words to express our thanks for sending us to police week in Washington D.C.,`thank you ` just doesn`t seem adequate.

I was in awe as I stepped off the plane and saw hundreds of police from all over the country just waiting to help with anything we need. What a wonderful tribute to our fallen officers and their families. The respect and genuine care and concern from everyone involved was, to say the least, humbling.

Gathering together with families that are feeling all the same feelings that we are lets me know that we are not in this alone. The events of that week were very emotional, but I will say that I came away from it with the same pride that our son did for his profession.

Our son , Missouri State Trooper Ralph C. Tatoian, was killed in an auto accident on April 20th, 2005, while responding to a manhunt in Gasconade County, Mo. He left behind his wife, three children, mom and dad, his sister, and everyone else who loved him. He was only 32 years old. Although we grieve for him everyday, I feel a deep connection to all of you who help keep his memory alive.

My sincerest appreciation,
Mary Ann Tatoian, Ralphs Mom.
Officer Shawn Silvera

of the Lino Lakes Police Department, Minnesota, was struck and killed while deploying stop sticks on Minnesota‘s I-35 in an attempt to stop a vehicle being pursued by officers. The pursuit had started in Chisago County when officers attempted to serve a South Dakota felony warrant on a male. Officer Silvera had just placed the stop sticks on the roadway when the driver of the vehicle swerved around them and struck him. Officer Silvera had positioned himself on the median of the highway. E.O.W. September 6, 2005
“This letter is to thank you for your support both financially and emotionally...

Thank you for your gift of money that allowed me to make the trip to Washington, DC in May for the Police Memorial Week. I lost my husband the year before I lost my son Shawn. It was hard to imagine going to Washington, DC without his support and then to think about the hotel and flight expenses felt overwhelming to me. Thank you for taking care of yet another burden that I hadn‘t planned on.

The week in Washington, DC was full of love, hope and care from not only the law enforcement community but the nation we live in. While we can not change the loss we suffer, we can heal with the help of the many wonderful caring people we met that week.

The Breakfast you held in honor of fallen officers and their families was lovely. The food and room were perfect. Our family felt very honored to be there and to be able to accept the beautiful award given. I will cherish it always. God Bless you and all the others who have continued to support you.

Mother of fallen officer Shawn Silvera
Corporal John (Jay) Sampietro Jr.

of the Missouri State Highway Patrol was struck and killed by a vehicle while investigating an early morning accident on I-44 in Webster County. He was assisting the agency‘s Major Crash Investigation Team by directing traffic around the crash reconstruction site when he was struck by an SUV as traffic merged into one lane. E.O.W. August 17, 2005
To Barwick Newton National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

Thanks for your financial help that allowed myself and my wife to attend a very inspirational week in Washington, DC to honor our son Cpl. John A.(Jay) Sampietro, Jr. We will never forget your foundation for their assistance. We had the opportunity to meet other people that understood what we where going through because they had been there. We would cry, laugh and tell heart warming stories about the ones that we had lost. This all helped in the healing process.

God bless and thanks,
Parents of Cpl. John A. (Jay) Sampietro, Jr.
EOW 8/17/05
Trooper D. Kevin Floyd

of the Missouri State Highway Patrol was struck and killed by a vehicle while making a traffic stop on U.S. 60, near Route MM, in Texas County, Missouri. Trooper Floyd was working a speed enforcement detail in conjunction with one of the agency‘s aircraft. After making an initial contact with the driver of the vehicle, Trooper Floyd began to return to his patrol car when he was struck by an oncoming pickup truck.
E.O.W. September 22, 2005
To Barwick Newton National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

My husband and I will always be grateful for the opportunity you gave us to fly to Washington, DC. All the Memorials and the Candlelight Service, the seminars, make us so proud of my son who was a Missouri Highway Patrolman.

To see my son‘s name on a Memorial Wall is not something a mother wants to see but at the same time it is a great honor in his memory. Kevin‘s life ended on September 22, 2005, when he was hit by a careless inattentive motorist. We fully support the MOVE OVER LAW. It will never bring him back but may save someone else‘s life.

Thanks for caring and for your support.

Darlena Young and husband Don
Mother of Trooper D. Kevin Floyd #394