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Grant Recipients for 2007

Deputy Cory Allen Ricks

of the Seward County Sheriffs Office in Kansas was killed while transporting a juvenile inmate. Deputy Ricks was traveling on U.S. Highway 83 going to Liberal when his vehicle struck another automobile stopped in the road waiting to turn. Deputy Ricks and the inmate were killed in the collision. He is survived by his expectant wife, son, daughter, sisters and parents. E.O.W. January 13, 2006
Police Week was such a healing thing for my son. He did not realize that other thought so much of his dad, and that other kids were going through the same things. It also brought back many memories, some sad and others good. We really needed police week to help our family.

Thank you, Wife of Cory Ricks Family
Lorenzo Roberto Gomez

Commander Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent - suffered a fatal heart attack while on duty. He is survived by his wife and 2 daughters; E.O.W. November 8, 2006
To Barwick Newton National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

Thanks you again for allowing us the opportunity to attend Police Week. Meeting you and other survivors of fallen officers have really helped my children and I with the healing process. The sessions my children and I attended were amazing. I was able to share the pain of losing my husband and someone actually knowing what that felt like. My children‘s faces and attitudes after their first session, Mitch and Janice THANK YOU! Savannah and Breann said to me “Mom, we are not alone, we met other kids who have lost their dads too.“ These sessions that COPS provide are to me a GOD sent. Mitch and Janice, I cannot Thank you and everyone who made it possible for us to attend police week enough.“

God bless you,
Wife of Lorenzo Gomez Family
EOW 11/8/03
Sergeant Micah Joe Burks

of the Autauga County Sherriff‘s Department was killed in an automobile accident driving on US31. A vehicle made a left hand turn in front of his patrol car. The two victims ejected from the other car were killed instantly. Sergeant Burks suffered head and body trauma where he died 4 days later. He is survived by a son and daughter. E.O.W. August 16, 2006
To Barwick Newton National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

“Thank you guys so much for helping us so that we could go. It really means so much to us. We will never forget it.“ Micah Burks Family