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Grant Recipients for 2012

Trooper Frederick “Fred“ F. Guthrie, JR

Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri
E.O.W. August 1, 2011

Trooper Guthrie was on river flood patrol duty. Trooper Fred Guthrie and his canine, Reed, drowned after being swept into flood waters.
Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman

Oneida County Sheriff‘s Office, New York
E.O.W. June 7, 2011

Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman was killed during a standoff answering a domestic disturbance call.
Trooper Mark Toney

Iowa State Patrol, Iowa
E.O.W. September 20, 2011

Trooper Mark Toney was killed in an automobile accident when the patrol car left the roadway with emergency equipment activated.
Deputy Sheriff Clifton Taylor

Johnson County Sheriff‘s Office, Texas
E.O.W. April 23, 2011

Upon arriving at the scene to a domestic disturbance Deputy Clifton Taylor was shot as he opened the door. Later he succumbed to his wounds.

Police Officer Jay Sheridan

Limon Police Department, Colorado
E.O.W. March 9, 2011

Officer Jay sheridan was shot and killed when serving a fugitive arrest warrant.
Sergeant Mark Scianna

Bexar County Constable‘s Office, Texas
E.O.W. August 27, 2011

Sergeant Mark Scianna died in an automobile accident when his vehicle left the road and struck a utility pole.
Police Officer Stephanie Brown

San Antonio Police Department, Texas
E.O.W. March 15, 2011

While Officer Stephanie Brown responded to another call, her patrol car was struck by a drunk driver driving the wrong way.
Officer Kevin Will

Houston Police Department, Texas
E.O.W May 29, 2011

Police Officer Kevin Will was investigating an accident when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver.
Please accept our thanks for funding our trip to the 2012 National Police Week in Washington, D.C. Without your help, we would not have attended. The time in Washington, D.C. was truly a memorable experience where we were treated with dignity and honor. It was wonderful to hear our son‘s name read in the nation‘s capitol and to know that he has a permanent memorial for all to see. At the National C.O.P.‘s Conference, we gained valuable insight into the trial process that we will be facing in a couple of week as the defendant who killed our son comes to trial. We were also able to meet privately with a helpful counselor and later with other parents who have suffered loss of a child. We have made some long-term friends who understands our sorrow. We were an encouragement to each other. Although our faith in Jesus Christ has carried us through the past difficult year, we thank you for being his hands and arms that have lifted us and enveloped us with love during the healing process. Thank you for being here and caring. Sincerely, Harold and Donna Will (Parents of Officer Kevin S. Will)
Patrolman Evan Burns

of Caruthersville Police Department,Missouri
E.O.W. August 16, 2011

During a pursuit Patrolman Evan Burns and another officer were setting up spike strips. Patrolman Evan Burns was struck and killed by the stolen vehicle.
To whom it may concern, my name is Aaron Burns, I am the brother of Evan Burns who was a police officer that was killed in Caruthersville, MO on 8/16/2011. Shortly after this indescribable loss I was contacted by the Barwick & Newton Fund where I was offered a chance to be sponsored to go to Washington D.C. for Police Week, to see my brother honored. Without the help of this fund it would have caused even more hardship with my family to afford this trip. The help that was given to my family to make this trip helped us mentally understand and deal with the numerous questions that have come to mind since my brother‘s death. The financial assistance provided by this fund helped to alleviate added stress of financial hardship that our family faced with flying to Washington D.C. I cannot stress enough how much this fund made it possible for my brother‘s family to remember, honor and understand that we are not the only people this happens to. I would like to sincerely thank those responsible for providing this fund for the families of police officers. Since my sister and I were able to make this trip we have made many personal and professional contacts to help us through future hardships with the loss of our brother. Truly thank you, Aaron Burns.
Master Patrolman Jefferson G. Taylor

of the Riverside Missouri Police Department.
E.O.W. June 3, 2011

May 23, 2011 Master Patrolman Jeff Taylor was assisting with Joplin, Missouri‘s tornado disaster. A bolt of lighting struck next to him. Jefferson Taylor succumbed to his injuries on June 3, 2011.
We do not know the words that properly say how much we APPRECIATED your Personal and ON HANDS ~ YOUR “Always there“ to see that we were taken care of and how to do this and that and ALWAYS a phone call away at ANYTIME day and night we had a question, then on arrival we were once again contacted to make sure you took care of all the Financial end of it and what we needed. YOUR A GREAT CARING/LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING “Parents“ along with your “GROUP“ C.O.P.S. that helps guide and make this all a bit easier (never will end our missing our beloved Grandon/SON) even with all the wonderful talks/visits you assured us you were there for us. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU IN YOUR SON‘S MEMORY that you helped us EMOTIONALLY AND THE FUNDS WERE SO APPRECIATED. THE HONOR, RESPECT, CARING WAYS EVERYONE GAVE each and everyone of our FAMILY that attended were always “NUMBER 1“ it seemed and that will never be forgotten. IN JEFFS HONOR and for the dinners busses, trips opportunity to see such a NATIONWIDE RECOGNITION of what not only Jeff but each individual received for the FALLEN INDIVIDUAL WAS SO SINCERELY DISPLAYED. You people are to be just as HIGHLY loved, cared, honored for all your efforts to make this TRADGEDY in our lives a bit easier and all your ways to make the TRUE EFFORT to comfort, and care for EACH INDIVIDUAL as you KNOW ~ YOU HAVE/ARE BEEN THERE> We (Gpa/Gma who helped raise and very close to Jeff/Kelly/Caden and Cameron) appreciate the rather odd situation we all struggled thru and you recognized the difficulties and STILL CAME THRU to assist us make this HONORABLE OFR MASTER PATROLMAN Jefferson G. Taylor.
Officer Eduardo Rojas jr.

Homeland Security - Customs and Border Patrol

E.O.W. May 12, 2011

Eduardo Rojas, Jr. died when vehicle was struck by a train while tracking a group of illegal immigrants.
It has been a year since the death of my brother Eduardo Rojas Jr. Thanks to organizations such as yours which are generous enough to contribute in covering the cost of travel and hotel accomodations, my family and I were able to attend Police Week in Washington D.C. this past May 12, 2012 - May 17, 2012. The honor bestowed upon my brother was and is extended to all of us in ways which will be forever remembered. The events were significant for us all but especially for my 8 year old son who is not only aware, but will never forget the assurance that his uncle was indeed, a great man. Brenda A. Quintana