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Grant Recipients for 2017

Kcey Elena Ruiz

Senior Airman U.S. Air Force, Security Forces Directorate
E.O.W. 10-2-2015

Senior Airman Kcey Elena Ruiz was killed in plane crash while providing mobile security for a flight of U.S. Air Force personnel and military contractors killing all 11 people on board. Surviving mother
Police Officer Ronald Eugene Strittmatter

Lakeshire Police Department, Missouri
E.O.W. 1-3-2015

Police Officer Ronald Strittmatter suffered a fatal heart attack while helping and elderly person who had fallen. He had attempted to lift the person off the floor while waiting for paramedics to arrive. He got off duty and went home where he died early the following morning as the result of a heart attack. Survived by wife and son
I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciated your financial assistance with my room for Police Week. I would not have been able to attend the event and that would have broken my heart. As it was I‘ll always be grateful to you because it was wonderful.
Your organization is a god send and I‘m so happy I was able to meet your and your lovely wife. Thank you again, Mrs. Strittmatter
Patrolman David Ortiz

El Paso Police Department, Texas
E.O.W. 3-14-2016

Patrolman David Ortiz succumbed to injuries sustained four days earlier when his police motorcycle was struck from behind. The impact pushed his motorcycle into the vehicle in front of him, and became trapped underneath one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Survived by wife and children, parents
Thank you so much for your donation in helping us pay on airplane tickets and hotel stay for both of us, so that we were able to be for our son officer David Ortiz E.O.W. 3-14-16 memorial 2017 year National D.C.
God Bless you both. Parents Ortiz
Deputy Sheriff Paul Allen Clark

St. Francois County Sheriff‘s Department, Farmington, Missouri
E.O.W. 7-4-2016
Deputy Sheriff Paul Clark died from complications of injuries sustained October 27, 2015, when he was intentionally struck by a stolen vehicle. He was survived by wife, 2 children, grandchildren
Thank you so much for all you‘ve done for my family and I. We would not have been able to make the trip to DC to honor our fallen hero if the Barwick Newton Fund hadn‘t helped out. We are truly blessed to be part of this wonderful family. Thanks again, Mrs. Clark
Corporal Myron Anthony Jarrett

Detroit Police Department, Detroit, Michigan
E.O.W. 10-28-16

Officer Myron Jarrett was investigating an accident with two other officers when a speeding van plowed into the patrol car flinging Officer Jarrett 30 feet. The van then slammed into a second police car and finally into a civilian vehicle. Officer Jarrett suffering multiple injuries, died. Another officer was slightly injured. Survived by wife, and 4 children, parents, siblings

This letter is intended to express my deepest appreciation to the Barwick Newton Fund and all its contributors. Words cannot express how deeply grateful my family and I are for the help we received from the Barwick Newton Fund. Without the help we would not be able to attend Police Week in Washington DC to see our Fallen Officer get honored. We are happy that this fund helped us to properly grieve and celebrate the service our Fallen Officer gave to his department. I want to Thank the Barwick Newton Fund. We will never forget the help we received. God Bless and Thank you again! Sincerely,
Master Deputy Sheriff Brandon Collins

Johnson County Sheriff‘s Office, Kansas
E.O.W. 9-11-2016

Master Deputy Sheriff Brandon Collins was killed when he had re-entered his patrol car when a pickup truck struck it from behind on northbound U.S. 69 in Overland Park. Survived by wife and 2 children, parents, siblings
Trooper Thomas L. Clardy

Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts
E.O.W. 3-16-2016

Trooper Thomas Clardy was working on I-90 in Chariton conducting accident reduction enforcement when he made a traffic stop of another vehicle. He had returned to his patrol car when another vehicle at a high rate of speed crossed three travel lanes and struck him from behind. Trooper Clardy was transported to local hospital where he died from his injuries. Survived by wife and six children, parents, siblings
I wanted to thank you again for all you did to help my parents with financial assistance to attend National Police Week in May. As you already know my husband Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy was killed in the line of duty on March 16, 2016. We have 6 children together ages 4-17. My husband was very close to my parents and his loss was heartbreaking for them. I have a very small family and my parents are the only grandparents my children know. They have been so supportive and having them with us in DC is so comforting. My father is currently going thru chemotherapy. Financially it has been difficult due to their health issues. The kindness from all who have made it possible for my parents to attend DC is so appreciative. I am so grateful for all the support. It means so much to me and to my children. Sincere thanks Mrs. Clardy and children.

My wife and I would thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Without your support we would not have been able to attend the Memorial Weekend in Washington DC and pay our respect to our son-in-law, Trooper Tom Clardy and support our daughter and 6 grandchildren. Thank you grandparents
Officer Sergeant Allen David Brandt

Fairbanks Police Department, Alaska
E.O.W. 10-28-16

Officer sergeant Allen Brandt pulled over as he approached a pedestrian. The man dashed in front of the car and opened fire. Sergeant Brandt behind the police car door received five shots in the legs. His vest stopped an additional round. The pedestrian then kicked Sergeant Brandt in the head before stealing his service weapon and patrol car. He was arrested 2 days later. Sergeant Brandt underwent surgery to save his eye. He suffered severe complications during the surgery and passed away the following day. Survived by wife and 4 children, parents
Thanks so much for the financial assistance for travel and lodging during C.O.P.S. week in Washington, DC.
We enjoyed the many surprises and being around so many people who had experienced the loss as we did. The speakers were excellent and uplifting. Since we were a part of the Alaska delegation, we were able to personally greet President Trump and Vice-President Pence. We found President Trump to be very sympathetic to our loss, but V.P. Pence went one step further to empathy: He spent at least a minute with our daughter-in-law and hugged her as he moved on. They both thanked our families. Thank you for allowing an unbelievable experience. Thank you in a very special way.
Parent of SGT Allen David Brandt, Fairbanks Alaska Police Dept. E.O.W. 10/28/2016